Partnering for
Philanthropic Impact

Hogan Philanthropy Consulting partners with wealth advisors, estate planning attorneys, tax accountants, and gift officers to serve families seeking comprehensive and thoughtful charitable planning.


Help Your Clients Amplify Philanthropy

Building on your technical expertise and working in partnership with you, I help your clients discover meaningful opportunities that align with their values and interests; gain clarity and confidence with their decision making and approach to giving; catalyze change and make a difference for others; and experience joy on their journey.


Enhance Your Value to Clients

With a dedicated resource for philanthropic discussions, you will more effectively:

  • Retain and attract clients who seek to connect wealth to purpose
  • Deepen relationships by helping your clients achieve their philanthropic goals
  • Integrate philanthropic planning as a core service of your practice
  • Facilitate intergenerational conversations around legacy and philanthropy
  • Increase your ability to help your clients achieve social and community impact

Offer Customized Services

Our partnership will meet your clients’ needs across a range of services:

  • Creating a personalized framework for charitable giving
  • Developing or reviewing funding priorities and impact
  • Facilitating and stewarding relationships with charitable beneficiaries
  • Hosting client educational sessions and strategy meetings

Professional advisors who offer comprehensive charitable planning report stronger and more valuable client relationships.

6x Assets

Firms that offer charitable planning had 6x the median assets of those that do not offer charitable planning.

3x Organic Growth

Firms that offer charitable planning had 3x the median organic growth of those that do not offer charitable planning.

1.3x New Money

Firms that offer charitable planning had 1.3x the median new money per investor of those that do not offer charitable planning.

*Source: “On the leading edge: Accelerating firm growth with charitable planning,” a Fidelity Charitable 2021 study.

Advisors who provide thoughtful philanthropic advice have a distinct advantage.

“Randi immediately won my trust with her nimble, skillful action that propelled us forward. [We] could not have achieved such an incredible impact without Randi’s strategic guidance, expert advice and direct work from day one. She laid out a clear philanthropic plan in support of our vision and bolstered our confidence in our ability to succeed, all of which catapulted our initial ideas to the next level.”

- Ellie

Philanthropist and community advocate

“I call on Randi to guide me with my charitable planning. I consider her to be my loving – but firm – coach who gently asks the Big Questions. She has emboldened me to make the best decisions, distilled my vision for change into clear focus, and saved me precious time and disappointment of unmet expectations.”

- Private client

Donor and social change activist

“Randi opens space for us to be reflective and think more deeply about our own role in philanthropy. She is an excellent leader with an
impressive talent for engagement and dialogue creation. She is also a wonderful resource.”

- Participant

Philanthropic Learning Journey course

“Randi’s expertise was invaluable as we restructured our giving levels, defined critical paths to donors, expanded our reach and maximized the limited resources we had in house to exceed our goal. Randi was the picture of professionalism, integrity and creativity and was consistently flexible to changing plans and new ideas. Her knowledge and expertise in the resource development arena is something we will benefit from for years to come.”

- Deborah DuBois

Vice President, National Legal Aid & Defenders Association

“Randi is an excellent strategist and understands how to communicate complex information in simple ways. She has the best interests of her clients at heart and has a very deep knowledge of non-profit management and resource development. Randi’s insights provided my organization with a plan for smart revenue growth and laid the groundwork for developing a culture of philanthropy. Her work with us had a huge and lasting impact.

- Whitney Brimfield

Development Director, National Assembly of School-Based Health Care

“Randi helped our nonprofit organization develop a major donor campaign to establish an endowment fund to carry on advocacy on behalf of migrant farmworkers. She has been creative, strategic, organized, focused on important priorities, and timely, as well as a pleasure to work with. Randi enabled us to establish an infrastructure that we’ve never had before and trained our staff to carry out major fundraising efforts in unprecedented ways.”

- Bruce Goldstein

President, Farmworker Justice